Rolling with the Punches

The chaos of my desktop describes how scattered and out of control online classes can feel.

Adjusting to Remote Learning

As the days go by faster but the months drag on, rolling with the punches has been essential. Moving to remote learning poses new challenges every day regarding technology and communication. 

Now more than ever, I have had to make lists on lists to stay organized and on top of assignments. My email inbox overflows with messages and the steady stream has no end in sight. It can be easy to misplace or accidentally delete important information online. 

Presentation Panic 

Technology has proven to not always be the most reliable. Each Thursday, I still have my night class that goes exactly from six until nine. Three hours can be too much to ask for from my Wi-Fi sometimes. The worst instance was just a few weeks ago when it was my turn to act as the class facilitator. 

My assignment was to lead a 30-45-minute discussion reflection over the book we had read for that week. However, that was much more chaotic than originally planned. My connection was bad, so the video sharing program kept kicking me out. When I would get let back in, I couldn’t hear anyone. Sometimes, my classmates couldn’t hear me either. Through persistence and patience, I made it through my presentation, even though it did not go anywhere near how I had planned. 

Besides this class, technology issues have been prevalent in my advertising class. For our final project, my group of six is working to create a campaign and present our materials to our client. All of us are in different states, so internet connection has been an issue in setting up times to meet. Even when we can meet, sometimes we cannot hear or see each other, so then extra time of the meeting is spent working out technical issues before we can work on the project. 

Expect the Unexpected 

These difficulties have helped me take time to appreciate how much I took in person classes for granted. Human interaction is so valuable. Having body language and inflection to go off of adds to the experience as opposed to distorted voices over Zoom. 

Not everything is so negative though. Through the difficulties, I have learned to roll with the punches. Instead of being quick to panic, I take deep breaths and am patient. I have learned how to let go of control because so much of my daily life is now governed by situations I cannot anticipate. Remaining flexible is what has helped me see the positives of online classes. 

While I wish more than anything I could be back on campus, as each week passes, I become more comfortable with the online routine. I am more confident and prepared for the inevitable curveballs that remain to be thrown my way. 

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